MV Portland Crew

Turnbull has only been Prime Minister for a short time, but he has successfully presided over a job crisis.

While in Government, the Liberals have:

  • Deliberately eroded and undermined Australian shipping and Australian seafarers, openly supporting the undermining of the temporary licence regime.
  • Sought to attack the job security of our offshore members who work on vessels by, for the first time in our nation’s history, removing them from the migration zone and the protections of our work visa system. They no longer have a fundamental right to work in their own industry.
  • Undermined and attacked the Stevedores Award system, as well as a refused to engage on critical safety issues in an industry that is high risk and has seen the deaths of too many workers.
  • Damned the car industry to shut down and stood idle when the car companies made the decisions that ultimately put tens of thousands of people out of work.
  • Ridiculed the Australian ship building industry in South Australia – with the infamous comment that the Government wouldn’t trust the Australian ship building industry to build a canoe.
  • Have attacked workers and their unions to silence them and reduce pay and conditions. Such is their hatred of unions they went to the Double Dissolution on the failure to bring in one of the most draconian pieces of anti-worker legislation, the ABCC, where an ice dealer has more rights than a worker.
  • Attempted to silence workers, by making it harder for their unions to represent them
  • Youth unemployment is at its highest level in over a decade at 13% – this figure is higher in other parts of Australia
  • Offered $4 an hour salaries for young workers
  • Signed free trade agreements that undermine job security for Australian workers by permitting overseas workers to fill the jobs
  • Called for penalty rates to be cut – a cut that Australian workers and their families can’t afford. This is just another example of the Liberal Government going after our most vulnerable citizens, instead of the top end of town.

The facts speak for themselves; the Coalition Government has yet again failed the Australian community.

t’s time we put the Liberals last on July 2nd, it’s where they put you!