Parliament House photo

We call on the Turnbull Government to:

[1] immediately respect the provisions of the Shipping Act and ensure Australian intra-coastal trade is crewed by Australians
[2] instruct your Transport Minister to cease issuing licenses to circumvent these laws
[3] ensure that Australia labour conditions are enforced within Australian borders.

Additionally we call on the Federal Government to review its decision to end support for the Australian automotive industry and explain how they intend to assist the thousands of workers whose livelihoods are now in jeopardy.

Finally we demand the Federal Government ensures the integrity of the 457 visa system and ensures that Australian workers are not being materially disadvantaged.

We the workers are asking for a government that stands up for Australian jobs, not one that destroys them.

By taking a stand and sending a message to the Federal Government, we can stop workers like Zach and Dale being thrown on the scrapheap by showing a groundswell of community support.

Make sure you put the Liberals last on July 2nd, it’s where they put you!

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